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Paul Tuon 1 year ago
Soccer player scores from 110 yards, possibly breaking world record

On Saturday March 18, 2023, a goalie for a Chilean soccer team may have set a new world record when he kicked from his own goal area -- a distance of about 110 yards -- that resulted in a goal.

Leandro Requena, goalkeeper for Cobresal in the Chilean Football Federation, took a goal kick (from his own goal area) during the team's game against Colo-Colo and the ball sailed into the opposing team's goal.

An amazing feat and hilarious as well.

"I wanted to take the kick quickly as we have done so many times at altitude, to try to catch the rival off guard and it came out a little stronger than normal," Requena told Radio Bio Bio.

Team officials estimated the goal was kicked from a distance of about 110 yards. The current Guinness World Record for longest goal in a competitive soccer match is 105 yards and was set by British player Tom King in January 2021.

"I asked Juan Silva, the club's manager, if the request for the record application was really going to be made and he told me, 'Obviously yes,'" Requena said.

For those of you who are not familiar with the game of soccer, you'll notice that the opposing goalie tried to use his head to knock the ball away from the direction of the goal area.

This is because he was out of the goal zone/area and he could not use his hands to touch the ball.

If he had used his hands to touch any part of the ball, it would have been a goal penalty kick, which sure would have been a goal.

The goal happened in the 77th minute of the (90 minutes + stoppage time) game tallying the score to 3 - 0 in favor of the Cobresal.

But toward the end of the game Colo-Colo scored a meaningless goal as time was about to run out, making the final score 3 - 1 with the Cobresal winning the game easily.

Here is the video of the March 21, 2023 play:

Stoppage time: In soccer, extra playing time is added at the discretion of the referee after regulation play (of 90 minutes) has ended to compensate for stoppages in play caused by injuries, substitutions, or other interruptions.

Remember that in soccer, the regulation time is 90 minutes only, but the clock keeps running from the start to the finish (of the 90 minutes), even when a ball is out of bound or when the game is not being actively played. This is idle time or wasted time because the clock just keeps running from the start to the finish.

To compensate for those loss time, a stoppage time is added to the regulation time of 90 minutes -- hence, 90 minutes + stoppage time.

The stoppage time is usually about 4 to 8 minutes, depending on the flow of the game.
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1 year ago
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